Hip Hop Can Teach Computer Coding - Richard Achee & Calvin Pinney from Google & breakbeatcode
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaDecember 14, 2023
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Hip Hop Can Teach Computer Coding - Richard Achee & Calvin Pinney from Google & breakbeatcode

There is an initiative that was created and launched by two folks over at Google, developed during their 20% time -- the time that Google allows employees the resources and leeway to work on projects of their own choosing. Gmail, as it happens, was once someone’s 20% time project.

In any event, what started out as PythonMC and is now called breakbeatcode, is one of my favorite intersections of Hip Hop, technology, education and youth. I’ll let my guests break it down, but I promise, once you hear about it, you’ll definitely be intrigued -- once you SEE it, you’ll probably be blown away.

I’ve been honored to keynote and mentor at their events in the past, and whenever I’m in conversation, giving a talk, or conducting teacher development workshops and I’m talking about ways that Hip Hop can help level the playing field and increase innovation across the board -- but also where it’s needed the most, it’s one of the first examples I give.

Here’s my talk with Richard Achee and Calvin Pinney from Google and breakbeatcode.

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