#HipHopEd: The Concept. The Movement. The Conference. - Dr. Chris Emdin & Timothy Jones
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaJune 17, 2024
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#HipHopEd: The Concept. The Movement. The Conference. - Dr. Chris Emdin & Timothy Jones

Explore the transformative power of Hip Hop in education with Manny Faces, Dr. Chris Emdin and Timothy D. Jones in this compelling episode of "Hip Hop Can Save America." Dive into the vibrant #HipHopEd movement, where Hip Hop culture and values are ingeniously woven into the educational fabric to surpass traditional benchmarks. This dynamic discussion highlights how this approach not only validates the use of Hip Hop elements in classrooms but also fosters deeper connections and academic excellence among students and teachers.

The conversation will delve into the core principles of Hip Hop education, which emphasize the intrinsic knowledge and empowerment rooted in Hip Hop culture. The guests reveal how integrating scholarship with culture promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and reimagines the education system. Through firsthand insights, learn about the perseverance and resistance necessary to overcome societal and political challenges, and the undeniable qualitative impact of this movement in sparking change and providing a sense of belonging for students across diverse backgrounds.

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