Hip Hop x Philanthropy with Mazi Mutafa of Words, Beats & Life
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaApril 03, 2023
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Hip Hop x Philanthropy with Mazi Mutafa of Words, Beats & Life

Words, Beats & Life is a Hip Hop non-profit founded back in 2002. In its 20+ years, it has evolved and expanded, offering classes, workshops, showcases, festivals and conferences, not to mention creating the first peer-reviewed academic Hip Hop journal, and now, anointing the first ever 'rap laureate.' (SPOILER ALERT: It's Lupe Fiasco.)

Under the leadership of founding executive director, Mazi Mutafa, WBL has created something of a blueprint for how a Hip Hop-based non-profit should operate. While they are primarily focused on the Washington D.C. area, it's clear that their impact has been felt far and wide.

On the cusp of their 7th Words, Beats & Life Festival, Mazi joined Manny Faces for a conversation about all of these evolutions and revolutions.


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