Hip Hop Educator, Journalist & Curator: Mikal Amin Lee
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaApril 20, 2023
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Hip Hop Educator, Journalist & Curator: Mikal Amin Lee

Mikal Amin Lee is a three time visitor to the show, which isn’t a surprise when you learn about all he does. As an artist, he’s toured the world and dropped dozens of projects and features. As an educator, he’s taught and lectured about Hip Hop pedagogy and anthropology, as a writer and essayist he’s edited Hip Hop studies journal, “Words, Beats & Life,” and “Equity and Excellence in Education” from UMass Amherst and he writes for Words, Beats & Life’s blog, The Counter Balance, and as a cultivator of the culture, he is the co-curator of the annual Word. Sound Power. Hip Hop & spoken word performance series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


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Word. Sound. Power. @ BAM: https://www.bam.org/word-sound-power-2023

Mikal Amin on IG: www.instagram.com/mikalamin_frm

Words, Beats & Life: https://www.wblinc.org




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