Hip-Hop Education, Movement & Empowerment with Aysha Upchurch
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaNovember 10, 2021
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Hip-Hop Education, Movement & Empowerment with Aysha Upchurch

We often talk about the intersection of Hip-Hop and education on this show -- and for good reason. It’s an area that has produced a ton of receipts showing the effectiveness of merging these two worlds for the good of our young people. This was perfectly exemplified when we covered the Can’t Stop Hip-Hop: The Education Movement conference at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and first heard form today’s guest. And while we sometimes get lost in the pedagogical weeds, I am so excited to kick it with Aysha Upchurch because not only does she expertly navigate those weeds, but her Hip-Hop spirit is always on full display -- and it is that dance and movement-inspired lens through which she views her work, approaches the world, inspires and empowers others, and sparks radical change -- that sits at the heart of the very concept of this show, and all my work. That Hip-Hop can save America! And most likely, all of humanity. Aysha Upchurch, I promise you, is part of that blueprint.. 


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