Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop on New Year's Eve in BK with Jay Hill from Brooklyn Rising
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaDecember 26, 2022
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Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop on New Year's Eve in BK with Jay Hill from Brooklyn Rising

Earlier this winter, I was contacted by Jay Hill and the team at Brooklyn Rising, as they were looking to invite prominent Hip Hop heads and organizations to Restoration Plaza on New Year’s Eve for the second annual Brooklyn Rising – a celebration similar to the big Times Square to-do, but with a brilliant ball rising instead of falling… way more locals than tourists… and in support of a cause meaningful to the soul of the borough. For this year’s grand rising, that cause is the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, being universally celebrated over the course of the next 12 months.

I wanted to give Jay the space to speak on his vision, the roadblocks and hurdles, and the progress of this community minded vision for the great borough of Brooklyn. As you’ll hear, sky’s the limit.


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